Stroke Survivors: Improve your Quality of Life

fraser simpson of simpsons physiotherapy
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fraser simpson of simpsons physiotherapy

If you have survived a stroke, you know just how different things are with your ability to get your affected side to do what you want it to do. What previously was an effortless thing, is now more complicated, takes longer and has sometimes quite different outcomes to what you intended. What’s more, things change as your life after your stroke goes on. It can, understandably, be a very frustrating journey with many challenges and obstacles to overcome and what can’t be overcome needs to be worked around. 

As life goes on after your stroke, often what you find is that things start to tighten up, get a bit weaker and often muscles and joints get achey and sore. Because you have not necessarily had these things since the onset of your stroke, you put them down to ‘its because of the stroke’ or, possibly, ‘its just because I’m getting a bit older’ and think that nothing much can be done. However, for many of the stroke survivors I help this is very often not true – I have seen countless stroke survivors suffer from niggling aches to debilitating pain that can either be improved or completely resolved by someone who knows what they are doing. 

Aches and pains are a normal part of life, but they do not need to be a permanent part of your life.

Often these pains and aches can affect your confidence, stop you from getting out or doing more of what you value and enjoy. In more severe cases, they can also put you completely off your feet.

This is where getting the right therapy from leading Neuro Physios, like me and my team, can make all the difference to your life. 

We have helped many stroke survivors, like you, make great improvements in pain, improve walking, get stronger, fitter and more resilient and give you the best support so you can live your life the way you want after your stroke.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with your life after your stroke, then contact us now on 0141 530 2092.

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