Glasgow Gig for Gaza

Stars come out in support of Medical Aid for Palestinians

A concert built of compassion and support will take place at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Wednesday 1st of May. Artists from across Scotland are coming together to support those caught up in the Gaza conflict. The British charity Medical Aid for Palestinians will receive the profits from the concert. The charity has been providing medical services across the West Bank and Gaza for the past 37 years. It is an advocate for Palestinians’ rights to health and dignity.

The Line Up

Among those taking part in the concert are the unmissable Deacon Blue and Scottish folk legends, Capercaillie. Love and Money’s James Grant brings his blend of music and storytelling to the stage. It’s an eclectic line up with folk, jazz and indie performers such as Admiral Fallow on the programme. And Glasgow’s opportunity to have a great night whilst helping a truly worthy cause.

Lorraine Macintosh of Deacon Blue says,
‘Since the awful events of October 7th we have looked on in growing horror at the destruction of Gaza and its infrastructure and the senseless death of over 30,000 innocent people. The only thing we can do to help in any small way is to raise money. 

Need for Medical Aid

Lorraine continues, ‘With the destruction of practically all medical facilities in Gaza, we have chosen to support the charity Medical Aid for Palestinians who have a long history of delivering emergency healthcare to the people on the ground in Gaza where help is needed most. Our decision in no way lessons our horror at what happened on October 7th, and we join millions around the world in calling for an immediate cease fire and the release of all hostages.’

Donald Shaw of Capercaillie continues. ‘Capercaillie performed in the West Bank, Palestine back in the late 80s as part of a Middle East tour. We felt honoured to be welcomed by such wonderful people full of pride in their culture and resilience in the face of conflict. Performing on this gig for Gaza alongside these great artists on May 1st to raise even a modest offering feels like the least we can do to show our support in their hour of need.’

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