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Westbourne Medical Studios
GP and Studio Founder, Dr Veronica McBurnie

There are things in life we don’t mind waiting for.  Our Amazon parcel to arrive, a perfect flat white from our favourite coffee shop or the dentist calling us in!

Then there are things that can’t wait.  And at the top of that list is prioritising our health. In the present climate, health concerns can’t always be addressed right away.  That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be.

Westbourne Medical Studios in Park district have a wealth of healthcare expertise that is merely a phone call away. As well as their GP practice, they have specialisms such as dermatology, cardiology and gynaecology onsite.  With 3 new consultants on staff, there really is no excuse for worrying at home. 

Dr Beata Bakos Torokne, Consultant Dermatologist has years of experience in treating skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and in checking your skin health, should you be concerned over for example, the changing shape of a mole.  Concerns over skin cancer affect many of us, but a quick phone call and check-up can quickly allay those fears.

Dr Karen J Hogg is a Consultant Cardiologist.  Dr Hogg specialises in supporting those who are living with chronic cardiac disease, ensuring they are provided the highest standard of care. Karen is the clinical lead for Cardiology at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Chair of the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Heart Failure Managed Clinical Network. From concerns over chest pain and hypertension to heart murmurs and arrhythmias, Dr Hogg is expertly placed to offer comprehensive assessments and advise.

Dr Claire Higgins is a Consultant Gynaecologist based at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. She can help with your concerns over menopause care, contraception, problem periods as well as worrying vulval skin conditions. Don’t wonder and worry – address issues to Dr Higgins.

With patient centred care at the very core of Westbourne’s philosophy, a consultation with these experts in their medical disciplines is only a phone call away.  Appointments are usually then scheduled within the week.

My flat white?  I can wait for.  My health?  Call Westbourne Medical Studios now. 

Westbourne Medical Studios
20 Lynedoch Crescent
G3 6EQ
0141 737 4700


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