Local Publisher Releases Literary Anthology

Glasgow publisher thi wurd launches the latest in its anthology series Earthly Rewards
Fiction and Poetry Anthology

Glasgow publisher thi wurd are no strangers to breaking new ground. The publishing company have an ideology which focuses on uniqueness, bucking trends and blending creativity. And so this May thi wurd bring to the public their new anthology of fiction, poetry and experimental writing. True to form, Earthly Rewards will also see art from two renowned Scottish artists: Lorna Robertson and Andrew Cranston. Cranston has created 8 new works for the book, with Robertson bringing the cover to life.

Thi wurd was founded by Editor Alan McMunnigall in 2006 and began by hosting literary events, teaching and supporting writers. Publishing followed in 2012. Earthly Rewards is the publishers fourth anthology. Of the publication Alan says’Earthly Rewards has its heart in Glasgow, but it branches out to include contributions from writers and artists in many different places, countries and continents.’

The book is a companion piece to thi wurd’s 2022 anthology, Alternating Current. The creativity in the writing is key to the company’s ethos. Alan says ‘The idea is always for each wurd publication to be distinct: for each magazine, book or anthology to be an artistic evolution, holding its own ground. Thematically and artistically it goes places we haven’t gone before.’

Friday the 10th of May will see the literary launch of the Earthly Rewards at Glasgow University Union. Tickets for the event can be bought HERE.

To pre-order a copy of the fiction and poetry anthology Earthly Rewards visit thi wurd website.

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