‘See Glasgow’ Urban Sketchers Exhibition

An exciting new show for all would-be artists out there…just give it a go!

Like everyone having one novel in them, it’s my belief that we all have at least one piece of art in us. To the whispered tones of ‘Oh, I can’t draw’, I say, nor can I. But there are many individuals out there who would advocate just giving it a go.

One such group are urban sketchers. You will have seen these guys sitting on a park bench immortalising what they see in graphite. Or in the City Centre merging with passers-by as they capture the Duke of Wellington’s cone on Royal Exchange Square. During lockdown, urban sketching was a decidedly thriving hobby – on your own, two metres from people, breathing in the air…and drawing.

Urban Sketching

Now that, hallelujah, those days are past ‘sketch crawls’ are bringing the community back together. These events bring groups of urban sketchers on walks, a chance to meander through certain parts of the city capturing what they see, as they see it. Urban sketchers experience their art on location; not from memory, nor from a photo.

In celebration of returning to regular sketch crawls, the New Glasgow Society is staging an exhibition this May. The 11 artists taking part are a mix of professionals and enthusiastic amateurs. Their work will be together for the first time. Artist and exhibition organiser Liz Reid says ‘Working on my own towards a solo exhibition later in the year made me want to be involved in something that was more of an artist community event, so I thought if I wanted it to happen I should just get on with it!’

Give It a Go!

On the weekend, the artists will take visitors to the exhibition on sketch crawls in the area – Kelvingrove and Finnieston – perfect sites to capture the West End. The hope is that those taking part will be inspired to become urban sketchers in the future. All first timers are very welcome. And there’s no need for fancy materials. Visual artist Fiona Fleming says ‘I like nice materials, but ironically some of my favourite sketches have been created with the humble Bic biro, so you really don’t need a lot to get started.’

However, if you want to pick up some art supplies, head to Creswell Lane. The exhibition is sponsored by DRAW Art Store in De Courcy’s Arcade. And fear not that you may bypass New Glasgow Society’s frontage, as Bungo Sign Co. will super-size the ‘See Glasgow’ exhibition logo on the gallery’s window.

The ‘See Glasgow’ Urban Sketchers Exhibition will take place at New Glasgow Society. The exhibition is on the 11th and 12th of May from 10.30 am till 6pm. Go on, get sketching!

New Glasgow Society
1307 Argyle Street

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