Top Study Spots

I’m sure you won’t need reminding that exam season is just around the corner – so let’s not talk about it. Instead, I’ll share some of my favourite student-friendly study spots where you can get that much-needed coffee while you work.


Quaint, cosy, with great scones and even better oat chai lattes. S’MUG has established itself as a hotspot for students. From chatting to friendly strangers in the queue, to checking out the local magazines as you wait, you can’t help but feel drawn into the little community within the café. If there isn’t a spare seat – no worries! You can always use your student discount for a takeaway cup and head around the corner to Glasgow University’s Learning Hub. With eight floors, you’re likely to have an easier time finding a seat.

The Alchemy Experiment  

The Alchemy Experient is one of my favourite spots in the West End. It’s a vibrant hub bursting with culture, art, and community, making it a truly unique study spot. When you’re in need of a break, take a moment to refresh by checking out the exhibitions on display. The art is changed regularly, so there’s always something new to see. Being surrounded by local artists’ work and community events adds to the friendly atmosphere and gives you something to look forward to when exams are finally over. Oh! And the coffee is great too.


Free Wi-Fi (essential), a range of tasty cannoli’s (not essential, but equally important), and a lot of seating. Tinderbox ticks all the boxes for a perfect study spot. While it may not be the most unique option, it’s a reliable choice for snagging a quick seat to meet that impending deadline. It’s a great pick if you’re looking for an accessible spot with a bit more space to work in a group. 


Located a short walk from Kelvinbridge subway station, Offshore is a West End staple. With its distinctive décor, featuring bold complimentary colours, calming interior, and gorgeous wide windows – it’s a Wes Anderson fan’s dream. You’re likely to find a mix of students inside. Some engaged in lively conversation on the couches, others reading quietly in the corner. Offshores’ laid-back and welcoming atmosphere creates the perfect study spot. I’d opt for a window seat – people-watching can be a welcomed break from studying!

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