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Father’s Day at Clydeside distillery
A ‘reluctant’ participant at Clydeside Whisky Tasting

Fathers. They’re a tricky lot when it comes to gifts, aren’t they? Waterstones ‘author of the month’ they may be, but that book unwrapped by Pop will be met with a ‘yup, that’ll do.’ A complete lack of enthusiasm. So I don’t even try to buy “things” anymore. Instead, I gravitate towards experiences that he wouldn’t buy himself. Let him remain the wonderful enigma he is!

But what he, and my mum, would LOVE, is a few well-lubricated hours down at The Clydeside Distillery, with a tour of the distillery, copper stills and history of this gorgeous building included. 

But you know, these things need road tested, ahem, so I dragged my reluctant other half along (yeah, right) for a recce first.

The Tour

What Ana, our enthusiastic and humorous tour guide doesn’t know about whisky distillation can be written on a whisky cork. With historic stories of the pump house, facts of the current owner’s great-great-grandfather, John Morrison, having had a hand in the construction of Glasgow’s famous Queen’s Docks, an incredibly interesting afternoon was whiled away. After the tour? To the real treat.

An Enthusiastic Participant

The Tasting

Whisky and chocolate tasting! Who knew? The Husband sampled some rather spectacular Sugar Snap Chocolates. These happen to pair beautifully with the smooth creaminess of Clydeside’s Single Malt, Stobcross. But what about with a peated, smoky Islay Single Malt? Sacrilege! That’s a whole other chocolate/water of life combo entirely. Whisky and chocolate – what a revelation!

We followed this with A Taste of Scotland Platter. With Smoked salmon, venison salami and Tain cheddar – there may have been a lovely Clydeside Whisky Cocktail for me. It was an afternoon to remember.

And so with a decent Angel’s Share consumed, we leave with a fair few heady notes wafting around. It’s delightful!
Father’s Day at The Clydeside Distillery. Uisge Beatha!!!!

For your chance to win this fabulous prize for the enigma in your family (just make sure you’re the Plus one!) please click the link here.

Competition Prize:

Chocolate & Whisky Tour For Two (Subject to availability, Ts&Cs Apply.)
Fill Your Own Cask Strength Clydeside Single Malt Whisky.
Lunch: A Taste Of Scotland Platter For Two with a choice of Saint Mungo’s Beer, Clydeside Whisky Cocktail, or soft drink, each.

The prize winner will be drawn on Father’s Day Sunday the 18th June 2023 and phoned!

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