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West End Glasgow Estate Agents property advice Walker Wylie estate agents

Summer Selling

Even through challenging times, spring / summer has always been the most buoyant time for the property market.   As days grow longer and streets become packed with pedestrians, we expect this year to be like previous summers, where the West End becomes a hive of viewings, sales and property moves.  As we head into warmer weather and a market creeping slowly in the direction of the positive every day, what can we expect from the coming months?

Alternative Routes to Sale

It’s no secret we are still on the road to recovery following the past few years, and the current financial challenges we all face.  However, we are pleased to see our ‘new normal’ continue, with more settled rates encouraging both sellers and buyers alike, to embrace the process and make moves.  

It can be nerve-wracking to think about putting your property up for sale.  We know lots of clients’ main concern is not finding somewhere suitable to move to.  This self-perpetuating cycle can be one of the things that slow down an otherwise thriving market.  To help with this, we offer an off-market service to our clients.  When we know of a client considering selling, but not yet ready to go to market, we match them with any potential buyers we encounter.

This process when it works can be magic, and with many years of experience behind us, we tend to know when it will work successfully and only put the wheels in motion when this is the case.

A Brave New World

Today we know the property market can be hit with almost anything, and that’s why thinking outside the box and being equipped to look at alternative routes can increase your chances of making the move you desire.

We are still experiencing fewer homes on the market currently than in previous years, but we don’t think that needs to stand in your way if you’re looking to buy or sell. Get in touch to find out more about our services and for a free no obligation valuation and quote, we’d love to hear from you. 

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