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It’s been a busy couple of months at Rainbow Room International…

Anita McGarry, front of house with her one-off hair colour

By John Paul Parker, Director RRI Great Western Road

It’s been a busy couple of months at Rainbow Room International. Our annual congress was held in February at Oran Mor (a new location!). We had a fantastic time with all the salons enjoying a day of activities and inspiration with presentations from the Art Team.

Now, is the buildup to the prestigious British Hairdressing Awards, which our Art Team are entering their creative work into this year. Stay tuned to see the new imagery!

Spring is here and we’re excited for the new trends we are going to see in the salons. We’re starting to move away from balayage and are doing a lot more pieces and hand painted ‘one off’ colour. This gives our clients more bespoke and unique looks.

We also have a beautiful new blonde colour range in from Schwarzkopf, Igora Cools. This range features beautiful, soft, cool blondes and is perfect as we head quickly from spring into summer. Combined into Featherlites and flat colour around the hair line this is a great way for clients to move away from those balayage techniques and full head colour and make their hair and their eyes really pop. Summer will also see clients losing their locks and going a lot shorter, as well as bolder colours becoming popular again.

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