How Do I Create Storage Space?

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How do I create more storage space
Raffia Toy Baskets with Fruits, Bluebellgray, £229 For the Set

By Suzanne Martin

Mess. It gets everywhere. Or is that just my house? When we first moved into our home we couldn’t imagine how we’d fill the space. Two boys later and this is no longer an issue (cue understatement).   So I conducted some research around the  West End for some neatness inspiration and  here are my findings. How do I create more storage space?

Whether it’s being the occupant of a too small space, or the chaos a growing family generates, the issues remain the same. Too much stuff and nowhere to put it. But what if there was a storage solution for each and every pile of detritus? What if, you too, could be so organised all essentials are housed in their own ‘special’ space – literally waiting for you to pick them up? Read on, this nirvana could be yours if you follow some simple tips.

Tip 1. Declutter

How do I create more storage space
Small Taupe Bedside Table, The Prancing Peacock, £100

Commune with your inner domestic god.  Take a deep breath. If the item in your hand isn’t useful or beautiful – and preferably both – then it needs to go. Haven’t used it or admired it in the last calendar year, then it needs to go. Painful maybe but it will get easier. And start small. Target one area of one room and start there. Breaking down big jobs into more manageable chunks removes that mental block and means you’re more likely to make a start.  And once you start and witness the difference to that one small space, the bit will be between your teeth as you tackle the next. After a sit down and a cup of tea, natch. Before you know it a room will be cleared. No, the storage isn’t in, but let’s take it one step at a time. Now, what to do with the cleared items?

Tip 2. Sort

Ferm Living Wall Cabinet, Hood, £387

Great a room is cleared – yay! But, oh. Now there’s a mound of discarded goodies in the hallway (the universe’s natural dumping ground).  
Create three piles and start sorting into pass on / charity shop / dump. Good quality gear that you can pass on to family and friends is always welcome, but do check first. Then there’s the   ‘too good to throw out’ pile that you can pass on to your favourite charity shop – and there’s plenty in the West End. There’s also selling Apps and online marketplaces galore where you can even try to sell on quality items and put the money towards those storage solutions. 
Finally, there is the dump pile. However, before that, what about calling out a rubbish removal specialist such as Jettison UK, jettison Jettison come to you and recycle over 90% of all items they pick up, saving landfill and the environment at the same time.  Worth considering before you jump in the car  up to Dawsholm.

Tip 3. Storage Solutions

Pop those walking shoes on and go for a gander round the West End. Exercise with a purpose, fresh air, a chance to bump in to a friend and head off for a coffee, it’s why we live here – right?    It also gives you time to make a list. And I do love a list.  Assess the number and size of the useful and beautiful items left. Categorise them by purpose and their most useful position in the home.  Now  you can assess the size of the storage solution needed and the type, dependant on where in your home it will live.

Storage Ideas

Stylish kids storage can be found at the newly refurbished Bluebellgray on Hyndland Road.  Up the stairs on their mezzanine level is a treasure trove of carefully curated toys and dressing up items as well as some lovely storage trunks. Made from natural raffia these toy trunks come in a set of three of varying sizes and fruit designs. Fun, pretty and functional, they may even entice your angels to tidy away at the end of a playdate – we can only hope!

How do I create more storage space
Industrial Wine Trolley, The Nancy Smillie Shop, £228

For adult sleeping quarters I found some lovely storage ideas up at the Anniesland Business Park at the new homeware store The Prancing Peacock. Owner, Julie Robertson, is friendly and knowledgeable and the large retail space holds great storage options for the bedroom, living and dining rooms – with more options that can be ordered in. And the prices are very reasonable. The small bedside table (previous page) retails at a snip at just £100. Bargain! Definitely worth going out of your way and having a mooch.

Hoos on Great Western Road and in-Hoos further along towards Charing Cross, always have stylish options from some great design companies, such as HAY and Ferm Living.   I love their Haze Wall Cabinet from Ferm Living as an option for the bathroom (previous page). A cross over between storing away and display, your favourite face creams would look great peeking out from here. Storage doesn’t mean funky items need to be invisible.  

And The Nancy Smillie Shop on Cresswell Lane always comes up trumps. Their Industrial Wine Trolley totally works for me as far as stylish practical storage and great display space goes. Fantastic for rolling outside as the weather, hopefully, warms up too. 

 I’m now totally sold – being organised isn’t boring, it’s actually quite thirsty work!

How do I create Storage Space…for more ideas visit –

162 Hyndland Road
G12 9HZ

The Prancing Peacock
Unit 47
Anniesland Business Park
G13 1EU

715 Great Western Road
G12 8QX

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