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You will be when you’ve furnished your home from The Prancing Peacock…

Beautiful, unique home interiors in Glasgow, the Prancing Peacock

I don’t know about you, but during Lockdown I realised just how important my home was to me. Sure, it’s always been comfortable, nice to come home to. But until that ‘Stay At Home’ policy was imposed, I know I certainly hadn’t appreciated my surroundings, my interiors, my home, the way we all now do. And as much as we are all utterly delighted to be free, to travel, to have our lives back, I think we continue to have a new love and appreciation of being at home.

And of course many of us continue to work from home. By working from home and reducing outgoings people have increased budgets to spend on their space. It follows that when we continue to spend so much time at home, now through choice, our passion to make our environment uniquely ours comes into play.

The Prancing Peacock

Enter The Prancing Peacock Interiors, a luxury homeware brand. Owned by Julie Robertson, whose background is in architecture and design, you know the pieces curated in this store couldn’t be in better hands. Julie’s vision was to create a business selling exquisite luxury homeware. Vision achieved! Her Anniesland store is THE go-to place for buying beautiful furniture, soft furnishings, artwork, making our homes the sanctuaries they deserve to be.

Opened in June 2022, The Prancing Peacock name is very much symbolic of the ornate, graceful product range. Julie is passionate about interior design and wants to share that passion with clients.
How better to achieve this than a glorious Spring Event? On Saturday 1st April, clients are invited to come and have a browse of the stunning interior ranges in store. It’s always a great chance to get some interior advice from the professionals too. With Julie on hand, gorgeous furniture, sumptuous textures and decadent soft furnishings, the Prancing Peacock is definitely worth the trip. And with car parking on hand, your boot might just about carry your purchases!

Through these past desperately difficult few years, my goodness how we now value the haven our homes have become. With The Prancing Peacock at your service, indulge yourself. Because your home is worth it.

For unique Home Interiors in Glasgow visit –

The Prancing Peacock
Unit 47
Anniesland Business Park
G13 1 EU
FB – The Prancing Peacock
Instagram – theprancingpeacockinteriors

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