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using colour in your home

By Lisa Trainer, Red Door Interiors

Using colour in your home
Exterior finishes Image courtesy of Little Greene

Be creative and use punchy hues and gutsy accents to create a statement style in your home, and there is no better time than a new season of colour, light and growth to inspire change and adventure, but most of all have some fun. 

A joyful palette not only influences the way we feel but can transform a space. Mood boosting and often directed and enhanced by natural or ambient light, the uplifting power of a surprise burst of colour can inject an interior with energy, spirit and a sense of positivity and well being. 

Don’t be scared to mix daring tones with contrasting textures, patterns and solid colours – often a warm lively neutral is the perfect balance to this. The new Cashmere tonal palette by Paint and Paper Library is the ultimate neutral creating a fantastically flexible backdrop and a perfect base layer in any room.

Using Colour

Using colour in your home
J-Series 77 dining chair, new colour jade green by Hay Design. inHoos

Rely on a bit of colour theory to find the perfect complimentary shade – looking to the opposite sides of a colour wheel works a treat for this, then trust your gut and experiment with your imagination. The possibilities are endless to bring some joy into your home and create something new and unique.

An unexpected dash of colour inside a cupboard, on a ceiling, highlighting an archway or window surround and behind shelving can add interest and detail with a simple lick of paint and a steady hand. Smalt by Little Greene is a deep cobalt blue, based on the origins of glass pigment and was significant in interiors as far back as 200BC.     

This contrasts beautifully with Farrow & Ball’s dramatic Charlottes Locks, a vivid, energetic and spirited orange or Fleurie by Craig and Rose, a glorious blue/green with a warm intensity. A natural synergy in small amounts works beautifully as accent furniture, accessories, feature lighting, tiled splash-backs, internal cloakrooms and even a painted floor. Kettles, vases, stools, tables, clocks and glassware can all add a touch of verve to this lively aesthetic!

Forest Whispers Velvet Wallpaper, Iona Crawford

Vibrant Colours

Born from the prominence of virtual reality in our every day lives and the developing digital communication between us, Pantone’s Viva Magenta, colour of the year 2023, certainly packs a punch. This particular vibrant, joyous and powerful red thrives in both our worlds to encourage exploration and in small doses brings drama, warmth and jewel like richness. Indulge in Iona Crawford’s mood enhancing collection of textiles, wall-coverings and artwork like the eclectic ‘aspen at Dusk’ cushions or ‘Forest Whispers’ wallpaper – a feast for the eyes, inspired by natures own colours and patterns layered with stories of design, observation…and curiosity.    

Mix a selection of her designs in the one room for the ultimate maximalist experience and you will be astonished with the outcome.

The results of blending unconventional colour and tonal accents to emphasise decorative features, or in some case even ignoring them, often brings the most joy and the application of colour should be playful and intuitive. Try applying it immersively rather than following what architectural period features are telling you – change the tone at unexpected points in the room and bring colour up and on to ceilings including cornicing, often the biggest ‘wall’ in a room and easily overlooked or safely painted white as an afterthought.

Using colour in your home
Cobalt Blue Throw by Sophie Home, Hoos

Colour and Light

Colour and light are no doubt powerful tools in architecture and interiors and have the ability to define an ambience with depth, texture, shadows and highlights. Plants, florals and newly defined outside/inside living draws all its inspiration from these two factors in nature too and are key to complement any creative expression and an animated sense of drama. 

As summer approaches introduce a selection of interesting large statement and feature plants to increase your aesthetic appeal and add a natural flash of organic greens, boosting energy levels and purifying the air.

The West End is full of inspiration for sourcing a fabulous range of bold and vivid colourful lifestyle products. Shop around for key pieces of colourful lighting, bed throws, furniture, cushions and paint to create your own unique interiors.



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