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Avoid running injuries with West End Physio Glasgow

avoid running injuries with physio advice in glasgow

Let West End Physio help you keep your trainers on!

Are you back pounding the streets as the days become longer? With the running season just around the corner, the clinic is brimming with clients looking towards one of the many events on the horizon such as the EMF in May. 

Most runners recognise the classic complaints that interrupt training and stop you pushing the mileage up.  Having trouble kicking a chronic achilles, or a stubborn ITB?  Do you think back and knee pain is just to be expected with your mileage?  We beg to differ!  We specialise in aches and pains that are hanging about, and would love to work with you this season.

Did you know that one of the biggest injury risks is running on a lack of sleep?  Or when you are rundown?  Adapting training round this can be really important.  Asking a runner to stop running is something we rarely do. We know consistency is key and avoiding de-conditioning keeps you on track to that race! 

As physios we treat anything that moves, however you won’t find cookie cutter rehab plans here. We dig deep and spend 1 hour during our first consultation.  We are relentless in our efforts to support you to reach your goals.  Here is Gordon’s story:

‘Take one overweight ex-runner with a sore knee, apply expert assessment and support from Shona, and lo and behold I’ve just ran my first 5KM in about 12 years!

From initial appointment and the assessment of my ‘injury’ – which turned out to be nothing like what 4 previous people had said – I was soon working through exercises and got back to running and walking with NO PAIN! Results were, literally, instant from the first walk.

Turns out my knee pain was more about how I was moving my body which was the result of an injury when I was 15 yrs old. Sorting out my gait, re-strengthening years of a slight limp (which I didn’t even notice I was doing), and the first long walk after that revelation I felt no pain at all in my knee.

Avoid running injuries with West End Physio Glasgow
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