Apply for Scotland’s Christmas Home of the Year 2023

Everyone’s favourite show to look behind our neighbours curtains is back for its Christmas Special. Does your home sparkle with Christmas spirit? It’s time to apply!

Scotland's Christmas home of the year
Photo Credits – Kirsty Anderson

Apply for Scotland’s Christmas Home of the Year!

Scotland’s Home of The Year, affectionately known as SHOTY, quietly hit our screens on BBC Scotland in 2019. Five years later it’s a midweek staple, as the team search the length and breadth of Scotland for the best home in the land. Quaint and cosy vs open plan and edgy, we might not always agree with the judges, but it’s always fun being nosy neighbours.

And last year an added present for Christmas. Scotland’s Christmas Home of the Year (SCHOTY) arrived on a festive sleigh, with homes that put Mrs Claus’s gaff to shame. Traditional green and red colour schemes versus natural fabrics and hues, filled to the rafters with Christmas spirit versus minimalist chic, there was something to suit everyones tastes.

Time to Say Goodbye

So here we are in September 2023 and guess what? SCHOTY is back! And with a bit of a change to the judging team, joining judging royalty Anna Campbell-Jones.

For the fifth season we saw guest judge Banjo Beale stand in for lovely Kate Spiers as she took some time off as a new mum. For SCHOTY, we see Banjo return as a permanent member of the judging panel, as Kate has decided to bid a fond farewell to the show to explore new ventures. Although Kate will definitely be missed, the energy and enthusiasm of Banjo will certainly continue to brighten the show. In addition for the Christmas edition, we see new judge Danny Campbell take the place of our beloved Michael Angus.

Michael announced earlier in the year that season five would be he last. Michael said ‘After five years judging some of the most outstanding properties on Scotland’s Home of the Year, I’ve decided the time is right to say goodbye. I’ve loved being part of a show which has grown in stature over the years and become must-see viewing with audiences. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to offer an architectural element to the judging and grateful to the homeowners for allowing us into their homes. The forthcoming fifth series will be my last and I’m looking forward to being a LeCorbusier recliner judge in the future!’. Oh, how he’ll be missed!!!

And a New Face…

So, some mighty large shoes to fill. New judge Danny Campbell, however is well placed to fill them. Architect Danny originally from Helensburgh, studied Architecture at Glasgow School of Art before founding his own architectural company in 2016 at the age of 25. He is delighted to be joining the team.

For SCHOTY 2023, the casting call is out. The one hour special will feature five fantastic festive homes. Does your tremendous townhouse jingle all the way? Does your terrific tenement waft a month long aroma of clementine and cinnamon? Or does your loft apartment’s minimalist chic simple beckon Noel with a bobble on a twig?

Scotlands Christmas home of the year
SCHOTY 2022 Winner Easter Shian Farm, Dunkeld

If so, Applications are open now! Apply for Scotland’s Christmas Home of the Year here –
by noon on the 14th of October. Filming will take place in late November.
Please send across your contact details, a brief description of how you decorate your home at
Christmas, and a selection of interior and exterior photos.

Please note – the home you’re submitting must be your primary residence. The production team are unable to accept applications from homes which have featured in previous series of SHOTY.

For more on Michael and Kate’s departure plus Danny and Banjo joining the team, click here.
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