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Broomhill’s newest coffee shop really takes the biscuit!

Bespoke cake bakers Glasgow

Bespoke Cake Bakers Glasgow

Broomhill has a fantastic new edition to its growing band of avant-garde businesses. The Cake Mixer is the brainchild of former English teacher Lindsay Nairn. Lindsay has enjoyed baking since she was ten but it wasn’t until 2019 that the 40 year old’s passion became a career. Initially baking from her own kitchen, Lindsay creates beautiful bespoke celebration cakes for any occasion.

Now ‘Cake at Number 8’ has transformed into ‘The Cake Mixer’ and better still, there’s an opportunity to taste Lindsay’s spoils! Touchingly, the new cafe and bakery is only a few streets from Lindsay’s first exposure to baking: in her Granny’s kitchen. So customers now can order creative cakes for their celebrations, whilst sampling some of Lindsay’s ready-to-go bakes. Lindsay has enlisted independent Glaswegian coffee roasters Tin Donkey to pair with her scrummy goodies.

And they’re not the only local associates Lindsay is working with. Customers can buy local produce from Juno Jam, Bare Bones Chocolate and Blackhill Bakery Bread. With the interior design also realised by local artists and designers, take a look at Flore de Hoog, Agata Pietrusz and Scott Cowan’s finished work on instagram.

Lyndsay says ‘It’s a dream come true to finally have my own dedicated space for the business. I’m delighted to be joining other amazing Broomhill businesses such as Petals, Spirito, She Bloomin’ Gathered and The Piper. There’s a real buzz and sense of community in the area and it’s so exciting to be part of that.’

Think it’s time for a little jaunt to Broomhill…

Bespoke Cake Bakers Glasgow

The Cake Mixer
307 Crow Road
Opening Hours Thursday/Fri 9am-4pm
Saturday 10am-3pm
Sunday 10am-sellout

Contact Lindsay at any time for custom cake orders.
instagram @the_cakemixer
tel – 07922 396095.

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