Layering Up For The New Season

As everything slowly starts to fall asleep for the winter, temperatures become colder and days shorter, it is time to draw the curtains, light the fire and ‘coorie’ in.

cosy interior home ideas

Cosy interior ideas for a fabulous hygge home.

When transitioning into autumn, our homes should naturally evoke a sense of warmth, contentment and comfort and there is no better approach than the Scandinavian concept of Hygge to create this.

After a wonderful visit to Copenhagen this year, I was particularly influenced by the synergy of outstanding design style and the general quality of everyday life. Introduced to improve our day to day living in beautiful, practical ways, Scandinavian interiors, products and architecture has led the way in design trends and influences worldwide for decades.


Hygge (pronounced hoogah) is a combined Norwegian and Danish word which in essence means togetherness, harmony, gratitude, and protection from the outside world. Reflecting the submersive culture of a country with strong values of equality, sustainability and an overwhelming sense for the well being of everybody, it is simple..

Void of mess, clutter and stress it is important to consider not just style and functionality but also balance, atmosphere and feelings – a place where you can be motivated, inspired, calm and safe. This concept plays an integral part in being ‘at home’ and can be achieved and even adapted right here!

In contrast to the bold colourful brights of Spring and Summer, choose more subtle neutrals for visual and sensory comfort. Create calm by colour drenching using one colour on all surfaces including walls, ceilings and woodwork and focus on the impact of natural light. If redecorating or repainting your walls is perhaps too big a change, try this with soft furnishings, fabrics and accessories instead. Mix natural materials, textures and tones to add interest and layers: change cushion covers, lay down a selection of rugs and compliment this with feature throws over sofas and armchairs in different natural, tactile materials like wool and cashmere as opposed to synthetics for durability and their natural heat regulating qualities and sustainability. Make that special place to sit for morning coffee on a cold frosty morning, or warming glass of red wine in the evenings with everything that you love close at hand.

cosy interior home ideas


Colour can have a huge impact on how we feel so be guided by the influence of our natural environment to reflect your personality, especially at this time of year. Diluted tones and strengths of harvest reds, oranges, golds and leafy greens all work in harmony with a small injection of darker accents like black or brown for added depth and focus. Candlelight can really set the mood and different scents can recall special memories. Autumn’s bountiful season of berries, branches, foilage and fruit will light and fragrance any space with warmth and comfort. Clove, cinnamon, sweet patchouli and bergamot are all evocative and rich and will immediately fill the air with aromatic scents to lift your spirits, calm your mind and help you prepare for the long winter months ahead.

It is time to unwind and take things at a slower pace to celebrate the small joys of life in this chaotic world we live in. Good quality chocolate, your favourite tea in Granny’s old teapot, a book, woolly socks, a warm jumper, good conversation, family and friends are quintessential in captivating the essence of this fundamentally simple lifestyle. There is something wonderful about leaning in to this new season despite the challenges of our weather and other outside influences, so embrace the changes it brings to light, colour, temperature and time to enjoy life’s quieter pleasures. Savour ‘being in the moment’ and let’s learn from our Nordic neighbours.

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