What Do Letting Agents Do?

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Letting Matters with Western Letting

what do letting agents do

You’re probably thinking – nothing.  We lounge around, charge a load of fees, and do nothing.  In which case, you’ve been using the wrong agent.  If you’d like to visit us and see how we do things, just contact me and book a time.  You can be a fly on our wall.  A fly who we’d encourage to ask questions and make suggestions.  Now I’m wondering how many flies read this!

Anyway, that’s not really what I wanted to talk about. It’s more about our role.  Letting agent websites are full of promises to maximize returns for their landlords.  So, how could we do that?  Perhaps we could charge as much rent as someone will pay and do only essential maintenance.  I’ve considered this question over many years, and I have an answer.  Sort of.  What we do at Western Lettings is achieve the best long-term outcome for our clients.  

We encourage landlords to set their asking rent at a level where there will be sufficient interest so that we can find a good tenant, for example.  We keep tenants happy by responding to their requests reasonably and carrying out maintenance promptly.  During routine property visits we’re mindful that we’re visiting tenants in their home.  They have a right to be untidy, but not to degrade our client’s property.

Then there’s our job as mediators between landlords and tenants, who often have opposing views on how situations should be handled.  Although landlords pay our fees, we have a duty to act fairly.  We recently parted company with a landlord who was proposing to charge an excessive amount to a tenant who had accidentally caused minor damage to an ancient carpet.  She claimed that “we weren’t acting in her best interests”.  The plain truth is that she was right.

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