Mark Thomas in England and Son

Comedian Mark Thomas takes to the hallowed boards of the Tron in this darkly comic tale.

Photo credit – Steve Ullathorne

Those of us who were students in the 90s will remember Mark Thomas as a vocal anti-establishment stand up comedian. Through his comedy he stood up for the social injustice he saw in the political system and was very much the socialist voice of a generation. His Channel 4 series ‘The Mark Thomas Comedy Project’ saw his comedy and political activism merge, creating a unique soapbox from which to effect change. A long and glittering career followed and now we see Mark appear at the Tron Theatre in ‘England and Son’.

A multi-award winning comic, theatre performer, author and, now, bus-pass holder, ‘England and Son’ sees Mark appear for the first time in a production he has not written himself. Award winning playwright Ed Edwards specifically wrote the piece for Mark. It is based on characters from Mark’s own childhood as well as from Ed’s personal experience in jail.

‘Any nation that devours another will one day devour itself’…and so sets the premise for the play. The one man show sees the main character navigate his route through this time of disaster capitalism, empire, stolen youth and stolen wealth – The Great Devouring. And dark as the theme may be, there are plenty of dark laughs too.

Photo Credit – Design by Greg

Mark Thomas’s career has been an extraordinarily accomplished one. Not only has his humour entertained us through sell out tours and TV shows, but has been a mechanism for political change too. Success after success has followed Mark, without him losing sight of his moral compass. ‘England and Son’ is set to be yet another glittering feather in an already very sparkly cap.

Mark Thomas in ‘England and Son’
Written by Ed Edwards
Tron Theatre
14th – 16th Sept

For tickets visit

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