Westender @ Santa Lucia Pasta

By Amy Glasgow @theglasgowdiet

Santa Lucía pasta byres road

By now us Westenders are already pretty familiar with the name Santa Lucia, with their Byres Road deli proving popular among locals and students alike, so imagine my delight when the news broke that they would be opening a purely pasta focused restaurant just down the road.

Italian has always been my favourite cuisine – the simplicity of a few good quality ingredients tossed through freshly rolled pasta is, in my opinion, a wonder to behold, so a restaurant dedicated to doing just that is right up my street. But would it live up to my expectations?

Amalfi on Byres Road

Like its big sister in Merchant City, the interior of the restaurant is adorned with green vines and lemons, giving a whimsical, summer vibe to the whole space. The tiled floors and wide, open space add to the whole aesthetic, allowing you to feel that just for a moment, you could be on the Amalfi coast and not the rain-soaked streets of Glasgow.

The menu is, as expected, pasta heavy, with a large selection of classic and more unique dishes, alongside a selection of snacks and sides to complete the meal. If you decide to order any snacks, it goes without saying (but I’m gonna say it) that you absolutely MUST order the lasagna fritta. Santa Lucia’s signature dish, these deep fried lasagne bites have a perfectly crisp, crunchy batter, filled with a rich, meaty lasagne that is not to be missed.

The Main Event

When it comes to the main event, the choices are endless, whether you are in the mood for a simple vegetarian pasta, or if you want to add meat or seafood. I was especially intrigued by the Torino – agnolotti parcels stuffed with roasted Capocollo pork, pork sausage, veal shank, escarole, baby spinach and parmesan butter, in a sage and veal sauce. Doesn’t that sound like heaven?!

What I actually ended up ordering though was at my waitress’ recommendation, the Modena. Mafaldine pasta with a slow cooked ox tail ragout, and I’m glad I did. The pasta was perfectly al dente, with just a little bite, and the ragout was rich and flavourful with meat that melted in the mouth. Elsewhere around the table, with various other pasta dishes being devoured, there were murmurs and moans of enjoyment, so I think it’s safe to say we are onto a winner here.

Room for Dessert?

If after all that you still have room for dessert, I recommend sharing a Pistachio Tiramisu between two, as it is a hefty portion for one. Unlike traditional tiramisu, there’s no booze or coffee here, just milk-soaked sponge fingers with ricotta, white chocolate and pistachio and it is truly divine. A perfect way to end my little trip to Italy. I will, without a doubt, be back again soon to make my way through the menu.

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