National Cycle Network Hosts Cinematic Event

A dynamic film ‘People are Hope’ is set to be screened under the West End’s famous Kirklee Bridge

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company

National Cycle Network Route 756, better known to Westenders as The Kelvin Walkway, is well-trodden by many of us. Whether walker, cyclist or jogger, our trip along the Kelvin has some amazing sights.

Outdoor Screening

But it’s unlikely that any of us will have seen a cinema event on Route 756. So get ready Westenders for your first cinematic experience under the arches of Kirklee Bridge. The National Cycle Network is the host on November 21st of a free outdoor screening for the public. ‘People are Hope’ is a collaboration between Sustrans, the transformative walking and cycling charity and Birds of Paradise Theatre Company. The film captures the performance of lead artist Ink Asher Hemp and three dynamic young artists, exploring community change. The film takes interviews with disabled activists as far back as the 1890s, projecting forward to what kind of world we would aspire to have in 20, 30 even 40 years.

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company are a touring theatre company who unite disabled and non-disabled actors, with a focus on their work having positive narratives of inclusion. The company thoroughly enjoyed the project themes of the history of disability activism and that of active travel.

Sustrans events Glasgow

Sustrans Shapechangers

Sustrans public art project ‘Shapechangers’, which is supported by funds from the Scottish Government, hopes that artwork like ‘People are Hope’ encourages more people to consider walking, wheeling and cycling on the National Cycle Network. Previous work has included artwork for Black History Month in 2021 and sculpture work in 2022. Network Engagement Coordinator for the charity Bruce Phillips says
‘ShapeChangers is all about helping young creative people change the way we experience outdoor spaces. It’s exciting to see these students take on the task of temporarily transforming their local travel routes on the National Cycle Network. Young people are the future, and it is vital that they can help shape the places they live.’

Sustrans events Glasgow

People Are Hope
National Cycle Network Route 756
Under Kirklee Bridge
21st November 2023
Drop in between 5pm – 6.30pm

There might even be a free hot drink in it for you! For more information click here

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