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By Lisa Trainer, Red Door Interiors

‘The Design history in Scotland is a remarkable one…’ from architecture, engineering and interiors to textiles, weaving, furniture making, stained glass, fashion and even video games, the flourishes of Scotland’s art and design through the centuries has remained as a testament to the years of innovative thinkers and entrepreneurial spirit. Bringing us in to a new year and new beginnings, we need to celebrate this passion, creativity and craftsmanship and, as we prepare for the weeks and months ahead, take time to learn, appreciate, and even reevaluate what our beautiful country has to offer.

Preserving Our Cultural Heritage
Image Bute Fabrics

Many familiar brands still manufacturing, designing and producing are fundamental to the progress and development of specialist products in their genre worldwide and this means that considering the country’s historical and political changes is more relevant now than ever before. We need to try to preserve this rich, cultural heritage and support the local businesses challenged by the intangible national and international adaptation to change, technology and diversification.

As an interior designer, based here in Glasgow, the choice of ‘Scottish by Design’ resources available are varied and individual, all with a unique story to tell, so to source, specify and coordinate an interesting, innovative and original mood-board of colour, furniture, furnishings, lighting and flooring supplied by designers, makers and creatives from around the country is an inspiration – all stand out with a character of their own, a visual flair and authenticity which in my eyes stand out above the rest.

From Tweeds to Twills
Image Bute Fabrics

Steeped in the history of Bute on the firth of Clyde is Bute Fabrics, a specialist woollen textile mill founded in 1947 and still going from strength to strength to push the boundaries of innovation in fashion and interior textile manufacturing all over the world. The location of the mill on Bute just off the stunning west coast is the biggest inspiration of all and is apparent in the diverse palette of vibrant colours and textures on offer in their impressive collection of fabrics. From tweeds and twills to textured flecks and jacquards in rich hues and patterns, the collections have a unique aesthetic. Collaborating with other designers like David Irwin product designer and Tom Dixon Studio has secured their place on the design map worldwide, a business with specialist skills and a history and tradition which often goes by unseen, unknown and unheard…

Image Bute Fabrics
India in Irvine…
Images Morton, Young and Borland

Nearby in the the Irvine valley of Ayrshire is MYB Textiles – Morton Young and Borland, a specialist Scottish lace and Madras manufacturer (‘Madras’ is a generic term inspired by the city itself and the distribution of this product all over India!) and now the only surviving producer in the world of these intricately patterned and original fabrics.

Handloom weaving was brought to this part of Scotland as early as the 16th century and when the mill was founded in 1900, the knowledge of this craft together with the invention of new technology and machinery meant they had the exclusivity, experience and design capability to lead the way and maintain a strong position in this niche design industry. Over the last 20 years MYB has continued to develop its reputation on an international scale whilst maintaining its intensive skills and proud heritage. With the aid of new forms of bespoke technology blended with a highly skilled workforce and attention to detail in every technique, they thrive as the last remaining mill to make these exquisite materials for the design industry.

Internationally Reknowned Rugs

For over 30 years Turnberry Rug Works has hand produced bespoke rugs using only the highest quality wools and natural fibres. Nestled in by the shore on the scenic southwest coast of Scotland, this is another truly impressive manufacturer and designer. Embassies around the world, famous hotels and the National Trust have all commissioned Turnberry to design and make quality leading products and collaborations with many talented Scottish textile and wallpaper designers, Interior designers, architects and private clients shows the versatility and ingenuity of this company. Custom made sizes, shapes, colours, patterns and textures makes every product a work of art and adorned on any floor, or wall, will have impact and longevity for years to come.

We have much to celebrate, so let’s keep alive this rich vein in the history of Scotland and be confident in our ability to not only produce and manufacture great design but nurture this free spirit, skill and curiosity to make the world more beautiful and more fun…

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