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By Amy Glasgow @theglasgowdiet

Despite having only opened its doors in April of 2023, The Skillet on Hyndland Street seems to have quickly developed a loyal customer base, offering up brunch, lunch and dinner menus, so no matter what time of day you visit, you’ll find something to suit you.

Cocktail Anyone?

Dropping in on a cold and crisp December evening, I was immediately impressed by the warm, cosy atmosphere and welcoming staff, with the whole place kitted out for the festive period. Despite being a Wednesday, there was a buzz about the two-level space that always exists in those winter weeks where we catch up with friends and loved ones over cocktails under the guise of ‘well it’s Christmas isn’t it?’.

If you are dining at The Skillet in the evening, it is definitely worth ordering yourself a cocktail, and since I was already in my ‘screw it, it’s Christmas’ mode, I treated myself to one of their festive cocktails, the Mrs Claus Margherita. It was a heady concoction of coconut rum, lime juice and creamy coconut milk that is right up my street – honestly, if a cocktail has coconut in it, you can bet I’m ordering it.

The Meal

Onto the main event, the food. The dinner menu is varied and modern, with options ranging from monkfish scampi, to Rodgers Butchers steaks. It being such a cold evening, I decided to order the most hearty and warming dish on the menu: Braised beef with roasted shallots, braised red cabbage, pomme puree and a rich braising jus. Thankfully, it did exactly what it said on the tin, and warmed me down to my bones. The meat was beautifully tender and fell apart at the lightest touch, and the smooth pomme puree was perfect for soaking up the meaty jus surrounding the dish.

On the other side of the table, my dining partner was tucking into a perfectly cooked, succulent 10oz grilled pork steak, with a perfect char on the outside. It came served with a beautifully crisp potato cake, tenderstem broccoli and a sweet but tart parsnip and apple puree. Doesn’t that just scream winter?

The meal finished, in my eyes, perfectly with a classic Affogato, with the addition of a shot of aromatic Amaretto. The entire meal was flawless, although for two courses and two drinks each, I did find our final bill of £94 on the steep side – though this did include a service charge, which I was happy to pay as the entire staff were attentive, friendly and helpful throughout.

The Skillet
70 – 72 Hyndland St
0141 286 7886


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