What’s Your Interiors Style?

So I admit it. I am a little interiors obsessed. Since retirement interiors have definitely become my hobby, my ‘thing’. Now I am no longer knocking down walls or building extensions I am enthusiastically redecorating with wonderful colours, and styling and faffing with vases, cushions, accessories and flowers – as well as up-cycling everything I can. 

And as part of my obsession I follow designers and influencers on Instagram and listen to podcasts about interior design. And as I decorate and style my own home I wonder at my style – do I have one and if I do is there a name for it?    

So giving that a bit of thought and discussing only the interior styles I actually understand, as some are still a mystery to me, I know for definite it’s not minimalism. Definitely not. There’s far too much stuff in my house. 

It’s not Coastal (not in the West End of Glasgow but I do live in the perpetual hope of a lottery win allowing me to buy my house by the sea!). Rustic is similarly not me in my city dwelling. Art Deco I really like. Reasonable given that I live in the birthplace of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Mid-century modern – well,  I love love love the furniture style with its sleek lines and great shapes. So I am definitely a bit of that. And Maximalism – I used to think was all a bit too much. But if you follow me on Instagram at @lock.downhouse then my darker wall colours with my flowers, plants, prints and accessories is definitely heading towards the maximalist. Which is a bit of a surprise to me. 

What's your interiors style

So with that in mind what can I recommend on my Westender Shopping List for Autumn 2023? Well in the West End there are so many shops with delightful items to cater for all interiors styles. With a wealth of antique dealers and retro shops selling mid-century modern furniture you can be lucky enough to pick up Parker Knoll chairs and Ercol sideboards that can be revamped and re-upholstered. But these amazing furniture makers are still in business and Forrest Furnishing has a full range of mid-century modern style sideboards and sofas that would be fantastic in any home. The Nancy Smillie Shop also has beautiful retro style cabinets.  The revival of the vinyl record has meant the return of mid-century style storage for your records making your vinyl collection not just a nostalgic listen but also an attractive feature. 

To style up your room – and give it that individual look – give some thought to retro vases with their abundance of colour. Trove on Dumbarton Road is literally what it’s says, an absolute treasure trove. Retro style with original and reproduction retro vases, tea towels and cushions, furniture, prints and ceramics. So worth a visit. 

And if you are on Dumbarton Road do not – and I really mean do not – leave without visiting Found. This shop has the most eclectic mix of retro, mid-century, eccentric and retro items and some that are just pure retro Glasgow! Look at these fabulous Glasgow bricks (opposite) in all their colours and the Glasgow tramway signs. I just loved this shop. I bought one brick but I am going back for more! 

what's your interiors style

I paired my mustard yellow Glasgow Brick with bespoke art work from Damian Henry. Damian is a West End based artist who will do you an incredible bespoke portrait of your home. Damian’s extensive range of art work is also for sale at the Nancy Smillie Shop and from the artist direct. This painting is of my home! And don’t the painting and the Brick vase just pop against my Green Smoke Wall! 

As an alternative to a painting of your own home Quirq Glasgow stocks a fantastic range of Glasgow prints by Adrian McMurchie. My favourite is his take on the West End institution that is the Art Deco University Cafe. Retro and Glasgow all in one print and all for the amazing price of £38. 

Whatever your style, designers emphasise  the importance of making your style your own. Telling the story of you life, your interests, your family in your choices of colour, art and accessories. Arrange  your items with different heights, colours and textures to make it interesting – and buy flowers and plants!  

So what is my style?  Well turns out that’s easy. I am a colour loving Glaswegian who is almost a maximalist, with a dash of mid- century modern, a hint of art deco and a little retro thrown in! I wonder what your style is?

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